Gough Family 

Gough: There are two known origins, one from the Cornish/Breton ‘goff’ meaning smith, another from the Welsh ‘coch’ meaning red. [1]


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Part 1: Joseph Gough (? - ?)

The Gough family had links to the Maisemore area, Gloucestershire, dating back to the mid-1600s (Maisemore is a village just north-west of Gloucester). Almost nothing is known of the ‘first’ Gough, Joseph, who lived in the first half of the 18th century, except that his wife was called Mary (surname unknown) and they had five children: John (died aged about 10), William, Robert, Joseph and John. They were all baptised in Ashleworth, a village north of Maisemore.


Part 2: Robert Gough (c1735 - 1825)


Robert Gough was baptised 13 March 1736 at Ashleworth. He married Hannah Mayo 07 April 1763 in nearby Hartpury. They had five children: Joseph, Mary, Hannah, Mary and John. They were all baptised in Ashleworth. Robert died aged 90 in 1825 and was buried in St Margaret’s Church, Corse, 22 November.

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