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09 November:      A link has been added to a short Lego stop-animation movie about Lucy Rabbitts.

23 April:             Mitchell page added.
                                 Smith, Turner and Womersley pages updated.


28 December:      Rabbitts and Flitt pages updated.


02 September:    Website layout redesigned.
Womersley and Rabbitts pages added (though families are still being researched).
                                 Dolton Descendants page updated.
Family tree diagrams added to Turner pages.


16 February:       Higgins pages updated (though family is still being researched).


26 November:      Photos added to Levi Dolton's page.

03 October:         Higgins page added (though family is still being researched). Jagger page linked to Smith page. 
Beswick page linked to Sutcliffe page.

02 October:         Gough, Pugh and Walsh pages added. Flitt page linked to Walsh page.

01 October:          Dolt/Dolton pages added.

30 September:      Tijou pages added.

23 September:      Smith, Sutcliffe and Turner pages added.

22 September:      Website first uploaded. Lister pages added.