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Close up of Tijou Screen at Hampton Court Palace



Shivaun Tijou's Family Tree website:

Includes these families I have been researching:

Ashcroft, Botterell, Brady, Brookfield, Bryant, Craig, Cramer, Critchley, Davis, 
Empey, Fraser, Fry, Gleeson, Harvey, Henderson (Northern Ireland), 
Henderson (Scotland), Keating, Leith, Lonergan, Lucas, Pearson, Pringle, 
Raney, Renfrew, Riordan, Schwartz, Stewart, Strachan, Tellefsen, Trickey, 
and Winward




Tijou Family Tree website:


My father-in-law's website 





Little Bunnies Everywhere:

The Story of Lucy Rabbitts, our Convict Ancestor


A short Lego stop-animation movie posted on Youtube