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Trickey family

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 Part 1: William Trickey Sr (c1756 - 1842)


Early life and marriage to Mary Harding

It is not certain where or when William Trickey was born. According to the 1841 census, it was in Gloucestershire, England, c1771 though a newspaper report of his death suggested he might have been born c1756. He married Mary Harding 29 May 1793 at St Augustine the Less Parish Church in Bristol. It is not known where and when Mary was born. Both William and Mary were able to sign their names when they married which indicates they probably had some education.

William and Mary had nine children: Robert, Mary, Elizabeth, William, John, Thomas, Charles, Susanna and James. William was a carpenter and builder and at one point was in business with son William, forming W&W Trickey. The family lived at 35 College Street in the late 1830s but by the 1841 census was in Denmark Street. Mary Sr died 25 August 1838, 'The Bristol Mercury' of 01 September 1838 reporting '...after an illness of eleven years...'. William died four years later, 24 November 1842, aged apparently 86 but this may have been a misprint.


 Children of Thomas and Mary

Robert Harding (1794 - ?) was born 17 April 1794 and baptised 25 May 1794 at St James Parish Church, Bristol. He married Catherine Leslie 23 January 1817 and they had five children: Jane, Ann, Robert Jr, Alexander and Catherine. [1] Robert was variously a painter, tiler, plaster and builder. In 1833 he was declared bankrupt but then seemed to recover his livelihood. In the 1820s and 30s the family lived at 14 College Green but by the 1841 census were in Lamb Street. Robert probably died before 1851 but no record has been found of his death.


Mary Harding (1797 - ?) was born 18 June 1797 and baptised 04 March 1798 at St James Parish Church, Bristol. Nothing else is known of her.


Elizabeth (1799 - ?) was born 25 July 1799 and baptised 18 August the same year at St James Parish Church, Bristol. Nothing else is known of her.


More information about William (c1801 - 1847) appears in Part 2.


John (c1804 - ?) was probably born c1804 and baptised 30 December 1804 at St Augustine the Less Parish Church, Bristol. Nothing else is known of him.


Thomas (c1805 - ?) was born c1805. There is no baptism record for him and it is possible he may not have been a member of this family.


Charles (c1807 - 1857) was born c1807 and baptised 12 April 1807 at St Augustine the Less Parish Church, Bristol. He married Lydia Cook Fry 19 April 1830 at Bedminster St John Parish Church. They had twelve children, seven of whom died in infancy or childhood.  Charles was a carpenter and builder, later becoming a master carpenter. The family lived at 12 Denmark Street, then later 7 Hanover Street, where Charles died 06 March 1857. 'The Bristol Mercury' reported his death 14 March: ' his residence ... after a long and lingering illness ... aged 50 years, leaving a widow and family to lament the loss of an affectionate parent.'


Susanna Harding (1809 - c1885) was born 18 July 1809 and baptised 31 May 1812 at St James Parish Church, Bristol, along with her younger brother, James. She married John James Hamilton 16 February 1835 at St Mary Redcliffe Parish Church, Bristol. They had eight children, most of whom survived into adulthood. John was a jeweller and Susanna was known to be a seamstress at one time. (It was very unusual for a married woman to list an occupation on the census though they often did supplement the family income.) John died sometime between 1861 and 1871. After his death, Susanna lived with her eldest son John until her death c1885.


James (1812 - ?) was born 27 February 1812 and baptised 31 May 1812 at St James Parish Church, Bristol, along with his older sister, Susanna. Nothing else is known of him. [2] 


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[1] Robert Harding Jr (1821-1878) was the 'mysterious Mr Trickey' who featured in the Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen episode of the BBC's 'Who Do You Think You Are?'.

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