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Mystery Relatives

Sometimes there are unnamed photos and half-remembered stories about relatives so I have created a Mystery Relatives page for them in the hope that someday, someone might recognise them. If you can help identify these mystery relatives, please email: 




Mystery photos


It is thought this photo was taken in County Kildare, Ireland and that the Curragh Camp is in the background. 

There was writing on the back of this photo but it is indistinct:

'... C? H? Camp faraway in the distance ... Best love ...'

The photo was probably taken sometime between WWI and WWII .The soldier and the children might be part of the Tipperary Gleeson family or the Tipperary Lonergan family.



Written on the back of this photo-postcard was 'Woolwich Arsenal 1928'. Both young men are in the Royal Artillery according to their cap badges.

The etiquette of the time was that the elder brother would be the one sitting down.

They might be part of the Tipperary Gleeson family, the Tipperary Lonergan family or the Lancashire Winward family.


Nothing was written on the back of this photo. The older girl's adult coat suggested post-WWII austerity (perhaps early 1950s).

They might be part of the Tipperary Gleeson family or the Tipperary Lonergan family. The photographic studio where the photo was developed was in Thurles, Tipperary.


This  2x3" daguerreotype-style photo was in the possession of a Raney family member. The two boys pictured with lacrosse sticks might be members of the Toronto Davis family or the Frasers.  


Anecdotes about mysterious people


'Aunt Marjorie' was musical and wealthy. She married late in life and her husband was much younger than her. Her relatives suspected he was a fortune hunter and were not pleased. She moved to the south of France (from the United States or Canada) and died in mysterious circumstances. This probably all happened prior to WWI or in the inter-war years. She might be part of the Frank Cooper Creighton/Crichton family of Chicago or the James Craig family of Toronto.

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