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22 December:    Gleeson page updated.


28 December:    Photos added to Brookfield, Riordan, Scottish Henderson pages.
                               Photos and/or information added to Ashcroft and Critchley pages. Brady pages updated.


11 October:    Website redesign completed. From today there will no longer be any password-protected pages (to comply with the EU  'Cookie Law'.)
Ashcroft, Brookfield, Critchley, Empey, Lucas, Riordan and Stewart added (though families are still being researched).   

14 September:    This website's layout is currently being redesigned, therefore some links may be broken or incorrect.

29 April:       Robert Winward's page updated.

05 March:     Family tree diagrams added to Craig, Harvey and Davis pages. Harvey page (linked to James Craig page) updated.


28 April:      John Winward's page updated. 
Brady page created (linked to William Winward page).


24 November: Robert Winward's page updated.

30 June:      Craig Descendants page created (password protected). 
Harvey page created (linked to James Craig page).
                   Separate page created for the children of
James Craig. 
                   Separate page created for the children of
Andrew Craig.                        

13 April:      A Mystery Relatives page has been created to try to identify photos and stories about relatives.

29 January:  Andrew Craig's page has been updated.


07 December: Robert Craig Jr's page has been updated.

12 October:  Robert Craig Sr's page has been updated.
Leith page now linked to Edvart Hans Jørgen Schwartz page.
Pringle page now linked to George Bryant Schwartz page.
Irish Henderson page and Tweddell page now linked to Renfrew page.

03 October: The Tijou pages have moved to a new website ( which includes other families
                    I have been researching:
Beswick, Dolt/Dolton, Flitt, Gough, Higgins, Jagger, Lister, Pugh, Smith, Sutcliffe,
Turner and Walsh.                       


16 August:    Bryant pages updated. Fry, Pearson, Tellefsen and Trickey family pages created (linked to Edward Bryant's page).
Cramer page created (though family is still being researched).
Botterell page now linked to Irish Henderson page.
                    Photos added to
Schwartz Descendants page.

07 February: Diagrams for paternal and maternal family tree branches have been created.

19 January:   Fraser pages expanded and information added to Hugh Fraser Sr and Hugh Fraser Jr.


23 December: James Craig's page and Ada Craig's page have been updated.

22 November: Andrew Craig's page has been updated.
Lonergan page has been updated. 
                     Information updated for
Hans Jørgen Nicholai Mathias Schwartz (son of Hans Jürgen Schwartz Jr).
                           Photos have been added to
Edward Bryant's page and Elisabeth Bryant's page. 

11 August:     Craig pages created (though family is still being researched)

08 August:    Lonergan page has been updated again. 

03 June:       Lonergan page has been updated. 

04 April:      A photo has been added to Charles Henderson 1794's page. 

02 April:       Information has been added to Charles Henderson 1794's page. 

22 March:     A photo has been added to Elisabeth Bryant's page.

22 February: Photos have been added to Edward Bryant's page. 

19 February:  Many photos have been added to pages about Hans Jürgen Schwartz Jr and Wilhelm Anton Schwartz with 
                     expanded pages about all children.                    

12 January:   Information added about Lily Alette Schwartz (daughter of Wilhelm Anton Schwartz)

01 January:   Gleeson page expanded to included two pages
Winward page expanded to included four pages


31 December: Bryant page expanded to included three pages
Family members page (password protected) linked to descendants of GleesonsRaneys, Tijous and Winwards
Raney page expanded to included five pages
Photo of
Louisa Caroline Renfrew added to
Renfrew page
                     Photos added to
Wilhelm Anton Schwartz and Edvart Hans Jørgen Schwartz pages

28 December: Tijou page expanded to include four pages of research and photos covering eight generations
Fraser page created including one photo (though family is still being researched)

20 August:      Website first uploaded