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Close up of Tijou Screen at Hampton Court Palace

Tijou family   


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Part 2: Michael Tijou (? - ?)


Marriage to Elizabeth

Michael Tijou was the third son of the Huguenot ironworker, Jean Tijou, and his second wife Anne (surname unknown). He might have been born c1703. He married Elizabeth (surname unknown). It is not known what his profession was. They had five children: John, Mary, Michael, Elizabeth and Michael.


Children of Michael and Elizabeth

More information about John (? - ?) appears in Part 3.


Mary was baptised 1734.


Michael (c1735 - 1735) was baptised in 1735 and sadly died the same year.


Elizabeth was baptised 1736.


Michael was baptised 1744. He was possibly a carver and guilder but then became a calico printer. At the time, wool was the main material used for clothing but the popularity of cotton soon took off and calico printers were able to print any design onto cotton. Michael married Sarah Massey and they had seven children: Michael, Mary Ann, Sarah, Martha, Caroline, Margaretta and William. Both sons were carvers and guilders and it is likely this was the branch of the Tijou family that had businesses in Greek Street, London, in the early 1800s making picture frames and other carved works. [1]

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