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Henderson: son of Hendry or Henry [1]


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Part 1: George Henderson (c1782 - 1860)


George Henderson was born in Ireland (possibly Derry/Londonderry in what is now Northern Ireland) c1782. He joined the 76th 'Hindoostan' Regiment of Foot c1798 (perhaps lying about his age) and by July 1804 he was a private and part of the garrison at Cawnpore (now Kanpor in northern India). George did well to survive not only the battles but the heat and diseases.

In 1806, George and the regiment embarked for England where they spent time in Lincoln, Jersey, Colchester before leaving for a campaign in Spain. In 1810, the regiment moved to Ireland and were stationed at Cork, Kilkenny, Limerick and other places. It is likely when he was in County Cork (either Cork itself or the town of Fermoy), that he met and married Mary Cashell. Their first two children Mary Ann Jane and Richard George were born in Ireland, though George was not there for the birth of his son as the 76th had sailed for Spain to fight France under Napoleon.

With Napoleon's defeat, the regiment received orders to embark for North America. The British Empire and the United States of America had been at war since 1812. In 1815, peace was declared but repeated orders for the 76th to return to England were countermanded. in 1816 they were garrisoned at Quebec. It is not known when Mary joined her husband but their third child Charlotte Isabella was born c1817, likely in Quebec. In June 1817, Sergeant-Major Henderson received his discharge and became a gaoler at Quebec Gaol. He was granted land previously belonging to Jesuits as a reward for his long and faithful service. He and Mary had another four children: Matilda Lydia, John Cashell, Robert John Cashell and Caroline Louise.  Mary died in 1848 and George died 16 August 1860 and was buried at Mount Hermon Cemetery.

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