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Craig family

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 Part 5: Ada Margaret Craig (1865 - 1953)


Ada Margaret Craig was the fifth child of James Craig and Elizabeth Jane Russell Harvey. She was born 27 May 1865 in Galt (now Cambridge), Ontario (which was known as 'Canada West' until Confederation in 1867). She moved frequently throughout southern Ontario in her early life due to her father's work (he was employed by the Great Western Railway company and later its rival Grand Trunk Railway). The family finally settled in Nelson Street, Toronto.

As two of her sisters both worked in their late teens, it is possible Ada did the same in some occupation considered suitable for women. However, there is no official record to confirm what she might have done. She married Joseph Robert Davis 24 May 1886 and they stayed in Toronto. Ada was Joseph's second wife and he died in 1910, leaving her with five children to raise: Joseph, Reginald, Ada Blanche, and twins 'Estelle' and 'Nettie' (more information about them appears on the Davis page). Ada lived a long life and was nicknamed 'Gaggy' by great-grandchildren who could not pronounce 'Grandma'! She died 22 July 1953, aged 88. [1]


Ada Margaret Davis née Craig



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