Botterell Family  

Botterell: of Norman French origin, possibly from 'boterel' (toad) or 'boterie' (cask or bottle) [1]


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Part 2: Reverend Edmund Botterell (1812 - 1893)


Reverend Edmund Botterell was born 02 February 1812 in Liskeard, Cornwall. He was the youngest son of John Brent Botterell and Jane Estherbrook. He became a Methodist minister and settled in Quebec province where he married Mary Ann Jane Henderson 31 July 1838. Mary Ann was the widow of Thomas Renfrew. They had eight children: John Henderson, Edmund Henry (Henri), James Albert, Jane Estherbrooke, William Edward, William Cashell, Charlotte Louisa and Martha Mary. The family spent some time on Prince Edward Island and in St Johns, Newfoundland, where Edmund was minister. By 1871 the family were in Montreal. Mary Ann died 22 May 1893. Tragically, Edmund was killed when he was knocked down and run over by an electric trolley bus 26 October 1893. They were both buried in the Mount Royal Cemetery.


Photograph | Rev. E. Botterell, Montreal, QC, 1866 | I-21469.1

Rev. Edmund Botterell, Montreal, QC, 1866
William Notman (1826-1891)



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