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Lister family


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Part 4: Wilfrid Lister (1885 - 1966)


Wilfrid Lister was the middle son of Richard Lister and Ann Pinder. He was born in Halifax in 1885 and in his teens he became a hairdresser’s assistant (what would likely be regarded as a barber today). At the time Wilfrid was growing up, electric trams were being introduced in Britain and around the world. The Halifax Corporation Tramways was inaugurated in 1898 and throughout the early 1900s, the tram lines were continually being extended and more staff were needed. By 1904, Wilfrid had become an electric tram conductor, though he only did this for a few years before becoming an insurance agent. He was employed in the insurance industry until his retirement, latterly managing the Britannic Insurance Company office in Todmorden. (Apparently he always wore a bowler hat and spats to work!)

Wilfrid married Sarah Louisa Sutcliffe (1883 - 1941) 04 October 1904 at the Halifax Registry Office. Their only child Constance was born the following year. (More information about her appears in Part 5). It is not known if Wilfrid saw active service in World War I (he would have been eligible for conscription in 1916). Family stories say he lost a toe in the desert during a war but no military record has been found so far for him.

Unfortunately, Wilfrid’s marriage broke down when his wife ran off with a man from the Salvation Army – according to family stories. No one is quite sure when this occurred but possibly in the 1920s. It is quite likely Wilfrid never saw her again and Sarah died in 1941. Wilfrid married Annie Garside Shenton (1902 - 1983) in 1962 but sadly Wilfrid died only four years later, 07 May 1966, aged 81, of chronic bronchitis and emphysema. Annie died in 1983.


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