tweddell Family  

Tweddell/Tweddle: possible meaning someone who lived in the valley of the River Tweed in Northumberland, England [1]


This family is still being researched but a brief outline appears below:


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William Tweddell was born c1768. He married Dorothy (surname unknown) 05 June 1791, possibly in Sunderland, in the north of England. They emigrated to Canada c1794 after the birth of their first two children Mary and William and settled in Quebec City where they had six more children: Elizabeth, Thomas, Margaret, John, Charlotte and Dorothy. William was a blacksmith but expanded his business in Quebec City, making bolts, plates etc for mills. He died 05 December 1826 and widow Dorothy died sometime after 1865.  

Thomas Tweddell was born 19 November 1797 in Sunderland and like his father was a blacksmith initially, later operating a foundry making metal casings. In 1824 he married Mary Ann Wilson who had emigrated from Ireland and they had fifteen children: William, James Wilson, Robert Wilson, Thomas Newton, John Henry, Mary, Charlotte, Eliza Jane, Helena Victoria, Albert, Frederic Logie, Charles Edwin, Arthur Nelson, Emma, and Charles Henry (and no multiple births!). Arthur was tragically killed when a boiler exploded while supervising at a factory in 1891. Thomas' wife Mary Ann died in 1868 and Thomas himself three years later 08 June 1871.

Eliza Jane Tweddell was born 05 September 1836. She married furrier George Richard Renfrew of Holt/Renfrew Company in 1855. They had ten children, though four died in infancy: George Henderson, Mary Matilda 'Maud', Louisa Caroline, Laura Isabella, John Henry, Allan Edmund, Alice Maud, Walter Charles, Kenneth Elliot, and Gordon Campbell. George died in Baildon, Yorkshire, England and was buried in Mount Hermon Cemetery. Eliza Jane died after contracting pneumonia on Christmas Day 1898 in Toronto.


Photograph | Mrs. G. Renfrew, Montreal, QC, 1862 | I-3869.1


Photograph | Mrs. G. Renfrew, Montreal, QC, 1862 | I-3870.1


Mrs. George Renfrew (née Tweddell), Montreal, QC, 1862
William Notman (1826-1891)

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