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 Part 2: Hans Jürgen Schwartz Sr (c1743 - 1804)


Marriage to Margaretha Spieckermann

Hans Jürgen Schwartz (Hans Sr) was the only known child of Jürgen Anton Schwartz and Engel Helemann. He was born c1743 in Großenbrode (in what is now Schleswig-Holstein, Germany) and married Margaretha Spieckermann (1743 - 1808) c1779. Margaretha Spieckermann was born 20 May 1743 in Gahlendorf on the island of Fehmarn, just off the coast from Großenbrode. At the time, the island was ruled by the Danish (the island’s ownership had been contested by various rulers for centuries) and the people spoke a German dialect. Margaretha’s parents were Matthias Spieckermann and Elisabeth Carbuhn, whose families had both lived on Fehmarn for many generations (Margaretha could trace her ancestry back twelve generations to Rauert Witte who died on Fehmarn c1437). Margaretha was the fourth of eight children. She had previously been married to Johann Peter Brunsahl and they had six children whose surname was recorded as ‘Brünsau’: twins Nicholas and Anna Elisabeth (who probably both died in infancy), Anna Elisabeth, Nicholas, Matthias and Elsabe (who died aged six). Johann Peter Brunsahl died 24 March 1778.

It is not known when Hans moved to Fehmarn or why. He became a Großschmidt-Meister (master blacksmith) in the town of Burg, not far from Gahlendorf, and he and Margaretha had three children: Anna Gerdrut, Hans Peter and Hans Jürgen. Their first two children both died within a fortnight of each other in 1783. 

By the time he was 60, Hans Sr was living at 16 Süderstraße in Burg with his step-son Nicholas Brünsau, who was the landlord. He died a year later on 20 February 1804. Margaretha died 31 July 1808 aged 65, also in Burg. [1]


 Children of Hans Jürgen and Margaretha

Anna Gerdrut (1780 - 1783) was born 22 May 178 in Burg. Sadly she died 29 November 1783 in Burg, aged three.


Hans Peter (1782 - 1783) was born 12 February 1782 in Burg. Sadly he died 14 December 1783 in Burg, aged one.


More information about Hans Jürgen Schwartz (1785 - 1844) can be found in Part 3.

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