riordan Family  

Riordan: the Anglicised form of the Gaelic 'O'Rioghbhardain', 'O' (male descendant) 'riogh' (royal) and 'bhard' (bard, poet) [1]


This family is still being researched but a brief outline appears below:


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John Riordan (c1808 - 1908) was born c1818 in Ontario, Canada. His father Dennis Riordan emigrated from Limerick, Ireland. He married Jane Stuart McKechnie (c1823 - 1895) and they had seven known children: Mary Ellen Eugenie, Duncan, Ada Rose, Alberta, Mislina (the true spelling of her name is not known), Bruce Livingstone and Colina Campbell. The family lived in Port Hope, Durham County, Ontario.

Colina Campbell Riordan (1861 - 1947) married Charles Henderson 13 July 1887. They had two children: Charles Brookfield Henderson (known as 'Brookfield' or 'Brook' and Constance. Colina died 20 October 1947 and was buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery in Toronto.


John Riordan


Colina Campbell Henderson née Riordan