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Schwartz: from the German for ‘black’ [1]


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CHILDREN OF Hans Jürgen SchwartZ JR  
and Marie Cathrine Johansen Wærner



Johan Jørgen Schwartz (1824 - 1898)


Johan was the eldest son of Hans Jürgen Schwartz Jr and Marie Cathrine Johansen Wærner. He was born 19 February 1824 in Drammen, Norway. He was a merchant with interests in shipping and sawmilling, and later became a director of the Norges Bank, though he went bankrupt in the economic crisis at the end of the 1870s. From 1857 to 1876 (except for a short period from 1865 to 1867), he was a Conservative stortingsmann representing Drammen in the Norwegian Parliament and supported the expansion of the railways. He was also mayor of Drammen from 1862-1866 and awarded orders of chivalry from Norway, Sweden and Denmark. He even had a ferry boat named after him, the DS-Stadshauptmand Schwartz. 

He married Anna Marie Mathee Lassen (1831 - 1877) in 1851 and they had three children: Paul Lassen (1853 - 1922), Marie Cathrine (died one day old 1857), and Hans Jørgen (born and died the same day 1860). Paul Lassen became a major, possibly serving with the Royal Norwegian 2nd Akershus Infantry Brigade. This meant he may have been involved in the defence of Akershus Fortress in Oslo, which was of great strategic importance to Norway's defence. Paul married Elna Johanne Rebekka Holm (whose sister Rebekka married Paul's cousin Hans Jørgen Kjær). They had seven children, the oldest being Johan Jørgen Schwartz. One of their daughters, Elna Särström-Schwartz, was a noted painter who studied at the Académie Colarossi in Paris. 

Johan Jørgen Schwartz died 16 March 1898 in Drammen. A bust of him by the noted Norwegian sculpture Gustav Vigeland was unveiled outside Drammen Station on Strømsø Torg in 1900, and is still there today. [2]


Johan Jørgen Schwartz (1824 - 1898)


Anna Marie Mathee Lassen *1831 - 1877)


Paul Lassen Schwartz (1853 - 1922)


Johan Jørgen Schwartz (1877 - 1951)



Thomas Wærner Schwartz (1829 - ?)


Thomas, the third son, was born 10 August 1829 in Drammen. He was a trælasthandler (timber merchant) and sagbrukseier (sawmill owner). For most of his adult life, he lived in Fredrikstad, a town to the south-east of Drammen, which he represented from 1868 to 1878 in the Norwegian Parliament. 

He married Wilhelmine Dorothea Ramm (1858 - ?) and though they never had any children of their own, they adopted a son, Sven Busch Brun, born 22 June 1861 in Oslo. Sven's birth parents were the famous actors Johannes Finne Brun and Louise Larsine Gulbrandsen. They had married in 1851 and had eleven children, seven of whom survived infancy. Louise died after the birth of twins in 1866 and although Johannes continued to raise some of those children, it is likely the others were adopted like Sven.   

Thomas, Dorothea and Sven seemed to have had a comfortable life with three or four servants. Sven later married Signe (maiden name unknown) and they had four children: Wilhelmina, Thomas, Johannes and Fredrik. 

Thomas Wærner died sometime after 1900 and Wilhelmine died either in 1910 or 1916. Nothing else is known of Sven and his family.


Thomas Wærner Schwartz (1829 - ?)


Wilhelmine Dorothea Ramm (1858 - ?)


Signe (maiden name unknown)


Johannes ½, Thomas 2½ and Wilhelmina 3½ Brun, c1891




[2] Biography of Johan Jørgen Schwartz from the Norsk biografisk leksikon (NBL), 10-volume encyclopedia published by Kunnskapsforlaget 2000-06