Brookfield Family  

Brookfield: from Olde English 'broc' (brook) and 'feld' (open country or land free from wood) [1]


This family is still being researched but a brief outline appears below:


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Jacob Brookfield (1799 - 1861) was born in Elizabethtown, New Jersey, United States. According to his gravestone, he came to Canada in 1803 and married Mary Winter 24 May 1823. Jacob came from a long line of Brookfields whose genealogy was recorded in Henry Morgan Brookfield's 'Brookfield Families' in 1946. According to this account, Jacob and Mary had seven known children: Ann, Emanuel, Jacob, Edwin, Maria, William amd Isobel. They lived in Crowland Township, Welland County, Ontario. Jacob died 07 May 1861 and Mary died 12 June 1890, aged 86. They were buried in Doan's Ridge Cemetery, Crowland.

Maria Brookfield (1833 - 1896) was born 09 June 1833. She married James Henderson possibly in 1853. She died 08 August 1896 and was buried in Doan's Ridge Cemetery. [2]


Mary Brookfield née Winter


Maria Henderson née Brookfield




[2] 'Brookfield Family' by Henry Morgan Brookfield (1946)